The Art TODO CAMBIA by Nunziata (Nancy) Gallagher comes deep from the HEART.
It celebrates the joy of being alive and finding comfort in creativity even when life and death seem to be “holding hands.” Through color and form, patience and love, the power
of healing and the beauty in living are re-awakened, strengthened and re-newed. TODO CAMBIA is ART AS MEDITATION. It weaves what the artist calls the OUTSIDE IN and
the INSIDE OUT. As a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE it is done in a serene and caring - trusting environment where the only priority and the “BIG OPPORTUNITY” is HEALING the

Nancy (Nunziata) Gallagher is a life long learner. Born in Sicily after World War II, the
main art materials she knew as a child were the pen and the inkwell. She is able to listen to Italian Music while she is writing in Spanish and carrying on a conversation in English. She loves life and enjoys exploring the diversity of cultures and people. She especially loves working with her students - helping them to grow. She has degrees in Education, Counseling and Human Relations. She has completed the coursework for two doctorates, one in organizational behavior and change, and the other in educational leadership. Her three year internships with both Dr. Jean Houston and Doctor Jack Gibb make her one
of the leading experts on CREATING TRUST AND TRUSTING ENVIRONMENTS in Living, Learning, and Healing.

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